Salary Negotiation Coach

Too many employees accept the original employment offer, many times leaving money, benefits and other compensation on the table. This is a terrible way to start a new job, disappointed at best and feeling under-valued at worst.

Our salary negotiation coaches prevent this situation by collecting market data on salaries for the job, experiential tenure, location considerations and the position requirements. Armed with that information, our clients understand exactly where their offer ranks in the market.

And, when the offer is below these thresholds, our coaches work directly, behind the scenes to prepare a reasonable counter-offer with specific coaching how to present a counter-offer. Candidates deserve an early win here and of course, employers win with their new, happy and satisfied employee!

Social Media Coach

These days, there are so many ways to get social media wrong when seeking a new job or career. Our social media coaches will diagnose our clients’ current social media and give specific social media coaching to enhance and strengthen the candidate’s chances of landing that perfect career. The coaches will examine existing content, recommend new content, review social media platforms and recommend membership to the appropriate platforms on a client by client basis. It’s important to get this aspect right in today’s job market.

Psychometric Assessment

To many times, candidates approach the job market completely cold or not prepared for the rigors of career search. A highly successful career begins by understanding two mission-critical elements. First, understanding yourself and your personality type and two, understanding your interests and how they align (or don’t) with your career goals.

Our assessments, the same ones used by the Fortune 500, are instrumental in gaining this mission-critical insight. What’s more, these assessments deliver a fantastic model in which to understand how and why interviewers are behaving in certain manners. And better yet, how to speak with them, in their style to cement your candidacy for the position.

Once completed, these assessments will continue to support our clients beyond the job search, enabling very specific bridge-building activities help our clients to continually find The Right Career, Right Now!