Interviewing Skills Coach

After dozens (and sometimes hundreds) of resume submissions, you are beginning to wonder what else you need to do to get a call back for that first interview. And then the call comes... Are you excited, nervous, anxious and scared or, are you confident and know you’ll nail the interview and move to the step in the hiring process? If confidence is not one of the sensations you are experiencing, you are probably not properly prepared for the interview. It's time to get the help of a professional interviewing skills coach.

Our coaches will help you learn the latest interviewing skills, while perfecting them in a safe, constructive and highly collaborative environment. You will enter the actual interview with a strong sense of confidence in yourself, your skills, your background and most importantly, your ability to have a convincing interview experience and outcome.

Can you read your interviewer? Do you know how to conduct a reverse interview, taking charge of the interview process for a truly standout and memorable interviewing experience. Understanding what the interviewer is looking for and being prepared to deliver your personal "why buy" message will be the difference between a forgettable (maybe even regrettable) interview, to one that improves your chances of success exponentially.

Using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) will help you understand your personality type and communication style. This same tool can be used to help you understand the communication style preference of your interviewer. When combined with professional interviewing skills coaching, this is your massive secret weapon! Become an interviewing ninja, gaining a skill that will enhance your interviewing prowess and interpersonal effectiveness for the rest of your life.

This comprehensive skill enhancement, while focusing on your interview success, will likely be a strategic asset throughout your career. Call us now to learn more about this exciting, empowering, highly effective tool to add to you professional repertoire!

Resume Review and Polish

Whether you have one job or 15 jobs to share on your resume, a great one can be the single most important element of getting that first call back.

Understanding how best to promote your experience and strengths can be a difficult challenge. However, we apply the latest professional techniques, incorporate volumes of employer feedback and deliver a comprehensive AND effective resume. Ironically, a well formulated resume leads to a highly successful interview.

Our resume coaches can help you publish the best version of your professional self, helping you Find The Right Career, Right Now!