Did you co-sign for your college student or new college graduate's education, and are now worried about how that debt will be repaid? Does your child have the right job search strategy and supporting resume, social profile and interviewing skills to land a job in today’s job market? If you are unsure, please see below to learn more about how to help your child prepare to find a meaningful and rewarding career! And more importantly, create income and enable the repayment of the student loans you generously support for your child. See below for more information regarding how to help your child gain access and succeed in the job market!


You have invested SO much into earning your degree! And now you are ready to take on the world by earning a meaningful, satisfying, rewarding and high-impact career. The only problem is, how? Your school did a magnificent job educating you but, most colleges today have super weak career preparation services. We can help!

Is your resume ready to land interviews? Are your interviewing skills ready to generate job offers? If not, please see below and learn how we can help you move your career forward! If you would like to create some career opportunities for yourself, you have come to the right place. With over 30 years of actual hiring experience, we know what hiring managers are looking for.

And, using some of the best career diagnostics (the same ones used by the Fortune 500), we help you develop and refine your personal brand, build a compelling resume, LinkedIn profile and coach you through the interviewing process in a way that showcases your best attributes, every time!


Whether you are just starting out in your career, thinking about a change, or considering education options for career preparation, you can benefit from the wealth of information reflected in your Career Diagnostics results. Our psychometric assessments help you understand the frame and lens in which you see the world. More importantly, these assessments help you understand how the world sees you!! This information contributes to your resume by adding clarity to your brand AND, helps you develop an interpersonal connection with your interviews quickly and effectively. These tools provide you with key competitive advantages in the pursuit of your dream career, improving your chances over other applicants significantly!

If needed, these diagnostic tools can help you identify a career focus and begin your career planning and exploration process. Keep in mind that the Strong measures interests, not skills or abilities, and that the results can help guide you toward interesting, fulfilling and rewarding careers, work activities, education programs, and leisure activities—all based on your interests. As you review your Profile, remember that managing your career is not a one-time decision but a series of decisions made over your lifetime.

Why use The Strong Interest Inventory®? Because it is based on time-tested, empirical research, the Strong has been used by 99 of the top 100 schools on the U.S. News & World Report’s “Best Colleges” list. It has proven to be invaluable for students investigating particular majors or exploring the world of work. It is also used by career counselors, coaches, and outplacement agencies to assist first- time career seekers or those in career transition. It remains the gold standard instrument for career development.


Empowers students to discover and calibrate their true interests so they can expand and explore various career options or specific college majors that match those interests.

  • Contributes to a killer, compelling resume, recruiter actually WANT to read
  • Helps you become an interviewing ninja, showing your best self everytime
  • Guides individuals currently in the job search process
  • Provides focus and validation for individuals who are considering a change of career to one more aligned with their interests
  • Is updated regularly to reflect the latest changes in all fields of work and study and to maintain relevancy, with high levels of reliability and validity
  • Can be easily combined with the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® instrument—the world’s most widely used and trusted psychometric tool.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and Strong Interest Inventory® (Strong) assessments are the world’s most widely respected and frequently used career planning tools. For over 85 years the empirically based assessment has helped countless individuals—from high school and college students to midcareer workers seeking a change - in their search for a rich and fulfilling career.


The MBTI Career Report and Strong Interest Inventory assessment is ideal for a wide range of applications, including the following:

  • Picking the right career the first time, removing the uncertainty in your career choices
  • Choosing a college major—helps students uncover their career interests and identify which areas of study are appropriate or required for a particular field
  • Career exploration—opens up the world of work to first-time career seekers and those considering career transition by identifying their interests and demonstrating how they relate to various occupations and careers
  • Career development—helps heighten individuals’ self-awareness and provide deeper understanding of individual strengths and blind spots, including work style and risk-taking orientation

Strong Profile, College Edition

Making college life satisfying and rewarding requires both selecting the right academic major and creating a campus and community life that is personally enriching.The Strong Profile, College Edition, takes the wealth of career interest data provided in the Strong Profile one step further. An additional personalized report helps students explore the path that is right for them by identifying specific college courses, jobs or internships, and extracurricular activities that will allow them to express their unique interests and personal style.Step-by-step advice on how to evaluate academic majors that fit their interests and preferences provides extra help for college students beginning to prepare themselves for success in the world of work.


  • 6 General Occupational Themes map out broad interest patterns to describe personalities and preferred work environments
  • 30 Basic Interest Scales provide more specific information about your students' areas of interest
  • 5 Personal Style Scales describe your students' preferred style of working, learning, leading, risk taking, and team participation
  • 260 Occupational Scales relate your students' interest patterns to those of satisfied workers
  • Plus four pages of highly personalized information to help your student identify college courses, jobs or internships, and extracurricular activities

MBTI Career Report

This 10-page report can help your clients or students see how their type affects their career exploration and the benefits of choosing a job that is a good fit for their type Features:

  • Explores preferred work tasks and work environments, as well as most popular and least popular occupations, for any type
  • Offers strategies for improving job satisfaction
  • Explains how clients’ MBTI preferences affect what they like about a given career
  • Lists the most and least popular occupations for their type

Career Ready Coaching Package

Are you graduating soon or, did you graduate already? Ready to take your newly minted diploma to the job market and start a fulfilling, rewarding and meaningful career? Convert your educational investment into a solid and regular paycheck! Get fully job market ready with this comprehensive development, planning, preparation and career launch package.

Features include:

  • Career Diagnostics: Strong Profile, College Edition and MBTI Career reports
  • Discovery and Assessment coaching session
  • Resume and cover letter development and coaching
  • Winning Interview preparation and coaching (includes mock interview practice and feedback)
  • Professional social media strategy coahcing and plan
  • Job search strategy and planning
  • Salary and Market Research
  • Job offer and salary negotiation coaching
  • Over 16 hours of one on one, personal career coaching, exclusive career coaching process!
  • Check out our exclusive 16 step process here

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